See What Our Clients Have to Say!

Amy runs the day-to-day operations and is the lead trainer. She has been training for many years and specializes in behavioral consulting/training. The daycare staff is also trained in dog and pack behavior. Amy believes that going above and beyond is the best thing for her two- and four-legged clients! She lives in the Malvern area with her 4 dogs.
CCC is amazing. Our little Gabbie loves daycare and just started puppy kindergarten. Amy and Audrey have been wonderful. We are learning how to speak dog and it's working great! They are lifesavers!
-Lani H.
The staff and facilities at CCC are first rate. The daycare staff coddles Rosie and she loves them. What's more, the trainers at CCC are second to none in the Delaware Valley. CCC is highly recommended and Rosie approved!
-Rick D.
I would definitely recommend CCC. We have been going there for over a year and they are they ONLY daycare I trust. I have 2 dogs (both puppies) in daycare and they LOVE it. My husband and I love it too when we pick them up after work and they are exhausted. Staff is friendly, helpful and most importantly they know our dogs. We have done their training classes and they are great (which is reinforced in daycare). They have social events which we attended with our dogs and we get to meet their doggy friends and their parents. At holiday time they do pictures of your dog which I love. They real do a great job for you and your dog!
-Michelle B.
Canine Creature Comforts is amazing! I could not be more pleased with the care they provide for my boy, Scottie. We've had training sessions, daily daycare, and more recently, sleepovers. The care is above and beyond my expectations. Thank you, CCC!
-Deb M.
The staff are amazingly knowledgeable and so happy to help at all times! They make each and every furbaby feel like they are the most important! I wouldn't trust my babies with anyone else!
-Danielle W.
Canine Creature Comforts is an excellent choice for doggie day care. Our younger dog (Skylar) has been going since he was a puppy and loves it! He started with weekly puppy socialization hour and transitioned easily to day care several days each week. The staff is great with the dogs, and maintains a well-balanced social order while keeping the dogs busy all day. Skylar's favorite activity is swimming with his friends and Jim in Canine Creature Comforts pool.

Not only are they great at day care, their training skills are also superb. Our older dog (Joxer) was aggressive toward Skylar when we first got him. We had to separate them, putting up barriers inside the house and a new fence outside to divide the yard. We had 2 trainers try to help with the problem and nothing worked. We were resigned to the fact they would need to be separated for the rest of Joxer's life. When we started taking Skylar to Canine Creature Comforts we asked if they could help. After bringing Joxer in for behavior evaluation, they took him in for a 2 week private training/socialization session. Afterward they trained us how to handle him around Skylar. Joxer went into Canine Creature Comforts twice per week for several months afterward and they worked with both of them together. Things were improving at home, but the turning point was when Amy and Audrey completed Joxer's private training course by visiting us and training us at home! Amy taught us that the larger burden is on the owner to maintain a peaceful pack of dogs and showed us how to do it. She taught Joxer how to speak dog as well as us.

We owe our happy, peaceful pack to Canine Creature Comforts.
I started bringing my puppy here so he could burn off some energy while I was at work. He loves it and gets so excited when he realizes where we are going. The staff is amazing and really know how to read the pack. Love CCC!
-Amanda B.
Our dog ADORES the daycare program here and is obsessed with the staff and all the other dogs he gets to play with. His tail starts wagging furiously as soon as we pull into the lot and doesn't stop until we pick him up later that day. The staff cares for him like he's their own, we couldn't ask for anything more.
-Amanda M.
CCC has been fantastic with us and our dog, Bowser... he started out with severe anxiety and other issues and has gradually progressed from doggie bootcamp to special daycare, and is right on his way to normal daycare. The trainers are fantastic, knowledgeable and always helpful. I wouldn't dream of bringing my dog anywhere else.
-Christopher S.
This is a long overdue letter of thanks to CCC. I live in western MA, but was in the area for a job for about 4 weeks, and I was lucky enough to stumble onto CCC. Not only did my dog Jake have a great time meeting other dogs and working on his socialization skills (appropriately from behind a fence), but the wonderful staff and trainers (thanks Amy and Dani!) really helped me work on his biggest problem: leash reactivity to other dogs. I don't normally believe in stuff like this, but I think the real reason I ended up in the area (It was NOT for a job that I have subsequently left.) was so that Jake could get the chance to spend 3 very important and educational weeks at CCC!
-Peter H.
Our 1.5 year old cockapoo, Duke, was terrified of strangers and other dogs, and often acted aggressive towards them; showing his teeth, growling, and biting. He was very protective of myself and my husband, and had attacked other dogs in the past. We were terrified that he would bite and injure another dog or person - so we came to the very difficult realization that he needed help beyond our ability. Today, we picked up Duke from Canine Creature Comforts, and he is a whole new dog! Amy and her team of trainers worked with Duke for two weeks, socializing him, teaching him to play, and how to interact with strangers (both people and dogs). And she not only trained Duke - Amy taught us how to continue working with Duke so that he feels safe and comfortable with us as the "pack leaders". Duke now listens to us, walks on a leash with confidence, and is even excited to play with other dogs!! We couldn't be more appreciative for the amazing trainers at the CCC!! Amy, you and your team have changed Duke's life - and you have made us forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping (and saving) our little guy!!
-Alex Y.
My 13ish month old puppy Diego was terrified of everything. He was the true "Chicken Little". He thought that everything was going to kill him. After 12 days with Amy and Audrey at CCC, I met a different dog when I picked him up. Not only did Amy and Audrey and their dogs help Diego gain confidence, they taught me how to be a better pack leader so Diego knows that I'll protect him. This has been a truly life changing experience for me and my puppy. They not only trained Diego, but trained me as well. I am incredibly grateful for what CCC did for me and my dog. I had the best experience for my last 3 walks with Diego where we finally enjoyed our walks together, versus me "dragging" him on walks. I am a huge fan of CCC and would highly recommend them!
-Cathy S.
Hi CCC! We just wanted to share with you guys our little testimonial (and BIG THANK YOU!) about our training session with Amy. Sorry we are doing this so late. As you know, Jude thinks he rules the world. Well, he was for sure ruling our house... Until December, that is.

Our 8 month old French Bulldog was running our household and keeping us hostage from eating calmly, watching TV for longer than 5 minutes, or doing ANYTHING without him throwing a barking fit or nipping our feet or hands- we could not even walk to the other room without him considering it a game an biting our feet! He loved him but had to admit we did not like the situation we were living in and that we needed a change.

CCC’s program changed our life as pet owners, our relationship with our dog, and our entire experience with Jude as a canine member of our family. Amy helped us put into practice the perspective necessary to understand his nature as a dog in our household and our role and responsibility to him as his leaders. It is practicing this daily that has truly enabled us to fully love our dog and enjoy him as part of our pack.

After two weeks of following the program at home, we had a different dog… it was like magic! Except it wasn’t… it’s all about having the right team to support you. He continues growing and we love to learn how to grow with him; can’t wait to continue enjoying the guidance that CCC has to offer. Thanks Amy and everyone at CCC!!!
-B & C Martin
Canine Creature Comforts is fantastic! We came to CCC after we had lost hope that our rescue dog could be rehabilitated. Paco took an intensive training course with Amy and then began to attend day care for socialization skills. Currently, we are enrolled in a training class with our dog and he is doing so much better with his people interactions!!
The people and training at CCC is the best. If it were not for these people, I would not have been able to keep my dog when he was younger
In the last 6 months, our 3 year old Lab/Hound mix has started protecting objects from one of the cats. It started with her toys, then moved on...getting more random and progressively worse. Amy Parsons came to our house and worked with us and all the animals here. Within 15 minutes, Amy had our dog understanding what was expected of her in regard to the cats. She also made sure that we understood what we were doing and why, so we could keep the training up. She set us up for success, and a success is exactly what it's been. No more fearing the damage our 70 pound dog could do to our 12 pound cat. We're very grateful to Amy for her insight, her experience and her extraordinary ability to reach all her trainees-- canine and human alike!
-Wendy C. Sheeran
Canine Creature Comforts helped us deal with a very difficult adopted puppy. They are experts in training.
Our german shepherd….Emmie went through the 24 hour a day, week long training program with Margie and the staff. Emmie came to us as a rescue dog with no social skills and a great fear of other dogs and people…After her stay, we can honestly say that Emmie came back to us a new dog with a new lease on life. The staff at CCC worked wonders with of our dog.
-K. Katherman