Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time, answers to your question can be found below. In the event you question is not covered in our FAQ's, click here to send us a message.

Can my dog get sick?

Canine Cough, also known as "Kennel Cough", is similar to the common cold in humans. Typically, it is NOT a serious condition. In fact, some dogs can recover without any treatment. Unfortunately, every facility that cares for pets, such as kennels, doggie daycares, grooming salons, and even veterinary facilities will experience an outbreak of Canine Cough from time to time. Due to the fact that it is an air-borne virus, it is unavoidable in pet care centers the same way the common cold is unavoidable in child care centers.

While Canine Creature Comforts has top-quality ventilation systems, extensive cleaning procedures, and strict vaccination policies, it is impossible to absolutely prevent Canine Cough due to the many different strains that exist. While the Bordetella vaccine is a great precautionary measure and is required for all guests at our facility, it simply cannot guarantee 100% protection against the many types of infectious bacteria. 

But remember, Canine Cough is similar to the common cold in humans. Luckily, it is not usually a serious condition; however, similar to the case of young children and elderly folks, puppies and older dogs may require a trip to the vet if this condition arises.

I have multiple dogs - can they stay together?

YES! Our goal is to make sure your pups are as content as possible, so we can keep them together in the same suite and take them outside for breaks & playtime together as well.

What about extra playtime or extra attention?

We offer several extra special services that you can choose to add on to your dog’s stay with us. Whether it’s extra TLC cuddle time, reading a bedtime story, playing fetch, or enjoying homemade peanut butter yogurt treats – we’ve got something that’ll make your dog wish they got to sleepover with us more often! Unlike other boarding facilities that make add-ons mandatory to increase the cost of your visit, our extra services are entirely optional.

Can you medicate my dog?

YES! If you provide any necessary medications and instructions, we are more than happy to administer what is needed to keep your dog happy & healthy. And unlike other facilities, we do NOT charge extra for this service.

How often does my dog go outside and have potty breaks?

Doggie guests who are in daycare have free access to go outside and potty throughout the day as they please.

Non-daycare sleepover guests get to go outside and spend one-on-one time with our caring staff members about every 2-3 hours. This is more often than traditional boarding facilities, as we typically have a smaller number of dogs boarding, so we are able to spend more time caring for each dog’s needs. Additionally, our outdoor yard features high quality artificial grass that is disinfected regularly with pet-safe solutions designed to prevent odors and bacterial growth. This also ensures that your pup doesn’t have to walk or run in the mud if it rains!

Will I be charged for daycare when I pick up my dog?

For Non-Daycare Boarding Guests:

You are only charged by the night, so you can pick up your dog at any time during our designated lobby hours and you will not be charged extra for the time during the day.


For Boarding Daycare Members:

If you pick up your dog by 9:30am on weekdays (M-F), we do not charge for daycare on the departure day. If you pick up your dog between 12-2pm, a half day of daycare will apply for the departure day. If you pick up your dog between 4-7pm, a full day of daycare will apply for the departure day. On Saturdays, if you pick up your dog between 8am-2pm, a half day of daycare will apply for that day. On Sundays, if you pick up your dog between 12-3pm, a full day of daycare will apply for that day.

*Note to Daycare Members: If you have a monthly recurring daycare membership, any daycare overages resulting from boarding will be reconciled at the end of the month and charged accordingly.

What should I bring for my dog's sleepover?

For Daycare Members:

The only thing we need you to provide is your dog’s food and any necessary medications. We believe that your dog should remain on the same food while you are away. Any sudden changes in diet can lead to upset tummies, diarrhea, and other issues. And unlike other pet care facilities, we do NOT charge any additional fees for feeding or medicating your dog. Please do not bring any other personal items from home.  We wouldn’t want your dog to get upset if they feel they have to share their belongings with the other dogs.


For Non-Daycare Sleepovers:

The only thing we need you to provide is your dog’s food and any necessary medications. We believe that your dog should remain on the same food while you are away. Any sudden changes in diet can lead to upset tummies, diarrhea, and other issues. And unlike other pet care facilities, we do NOT charge any additional fees for feeding or medicating your dog. If you’d prefer your dog to have something from home (bed/blanket/toy/bone), please feel free to bring it for their stay. If not, then we will provide your dog with a comfortable bed and chew bone to keep them busy. If your dog tends to chew on blankets or any soft items, please be sure to notify us when you check in! Please do not bring any squeaky toys or rawhide treats.

Will my dog be supervised?

YES! That’s the beauty of sleepovers at Canine Creature Comforts. We spend lots of time with the dogs, and we’re staffed overnight, so your dog will get to enjoy our company throughout their entire stay!

Will my dog be in a crate?

Daycare Sleepover Members:

Our goal is to allow your dog the freedom to run, play and exercise as much as possible throughout the day & night, which helps to keep their stress levels low. There are short periods of time when the dogs do need to be separated, like during meals, certain cleaning tasks, and caring for other dogs in the building. This is done for the safety & comfort of all our doggie guests.


Non-Daycare Boarding Guests:

Our non-daycare clients all enjoy their own private suites and do not get placed into crates. If your dog feels safer in a crate, our private areas are large enough to comfortably place a crate inside with the door left open - just let us know if you'd like this accommodation!

Can my puppy get lunch or dinner during daycare?

If you bring in your dog's food, we offer FREE lunch/dinner service while they're here during our designated meal times. We do separate the dogs while eating, and then they can go back into daycare afterwards to continue playing with their friends!

Are the dogs separated by size?

Our daycare is run differently than most. Our dogs learn to play at a healthy energy level, and the group is not a "free for all". Because we work with all of the dogs to make sure there is no out of control rough-housing, unwanted chase games or disrespect of other dogs' personal space, we are able to combine all sizes in one group. This also helps the dogs to socialize and learn how to interact with other dogs of all different sizes, play styles, etc. We also carefully screen our dogs to make sure they have adequate social skills to handle our pack. As it turns out - most little dogs prefer the big dogs as best friends!

Do the dogs have access to potty outside?

YES! Our daycare pups have free access to come and go outside or stay inside throughout the day as they please. The indoor area is climate-controlled, and our outside area has play equipment, shade canopies & baby pools during the warmer months. 

How many staff members are watching the dogs?

Our staff quantities vary by day of the week and time of day. We have more staff in the mornings when the pups are full of energy, and less towards the end of the day when most of the dogs are tuckered out. Our dogs are ALWAYS supervised and NEVER left unattended. We run our daycare differently than most facilities - our staff members are trained to observe, engage with, and manage the pack in order to prevent issues, as opposed to just reacting to them once they've already happened. Because of this, we have an excellent safety rating! Our onboarding/training process for new staff members is quite extensive and thorough, teaching them all they need to know about reading dog body language and communicating with them effectively. In addition, all of our dog trainers work in our daycare, so the quality of our daycare staff is unmatched!

How many dogs attend daycare?

On any given weekday, we typically average between 50 - 70 dogs in daycare. We can easily handle up to 100 dogs per day!

Can I bring my family to group training classes?

YES! We encourage family members to participate & engage in their dog's training as much as possible. However, we do ask that any children attending the classes with you are well-behaved and not disruptive.

How do I fit training classes in with my busy schedule?

We offer most of our group training classes at various times weekday evenings and on the weekends. If your work schedule doesn't allow for you to attend a group class, we can schedule private training sessions during a time that is more convenient for you - just ask us!

How do I know if my dog needs behavioral training?

Obedience classes & commands teach you and your dog to do specific actions, such as sit, down, stay or come. You are teaching your dog to participate in these activities based on rewarding them with treats, praise or toys. 

Behavioral training is understanding WHY your dog does certain behaviors, such as barking or lunging, growling, crying, biting, mouthing, jumping, digging, etc.  It is very important to understand why they do these things before you can begin to fix it. Trying to fix behavioral issues with obedience rarely works, as you are not addressing the source of the issue. If you aren't sure what your dog needs, please contact us for a free training evaluation!

What is CCC's training philosophy?

We believe that humans should learn to speak more DOG before they ask their dogs to speak more English. Our dog trainers are fluent in all training methods, but we believe in balance and communicating effectively with our canine friends. We are able to offer training plans tailored to your individual dog's needs. We work with pet parents to determine realistic goals and help you meet those goals as quickly as possible without breaking the bank! Our trainers specialize in behavioral rehabilitation as well, so they are able to apply and provide a much more in-depth knowledge to you and your canine companion.