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Our crate-free sleepovers will change the way you feel about leaving your dog behind.

Canine Creature Comforts offers doggie sleepovers with two different boarding options - one for our current daycare members, and one for our non-daycare guests. We also offer a variety of additional boarding services and activities to ensure your pup has a fun, comfortable experience!

Mon thru Fri 6:30 – 9:30 AM; 12 – 2 PM

Saturday 8 AM – 2 PM

Sunday 12 – 3 PM


Mon thru Fri 6:30 – 9:30 AM; 12 – 2 PM; 4 – 7 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sunday 12:00 – 3:00 PM



At Canine Creature Comforts we are committed to treating every boarding guest with the same care we would want for our own furry family members!

We are one of the only facilities that is staffed and/or monitored 24 hours a day to provide the best possible care for your dog. Traditional boarding can create stress for a dog, which often leads to barking, lowered immune system and anxiety. At Canine Creature Comforts we make your dog's stay as stress-free as possible to help maintain a healthy, happy dog – and a guilt-free trip for you!

We are vet recommended. In fact, several veterinarians choose to board their own dogs with us!

We provide a daily thoroughly-cleaned environment for each guest. This includes freshly laundered linens and bedding (for guests approved to have those items) and/or a comfortable raised bed and clean cool water always accessible to each of our doggie guests.

We provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for your four-legged companion during their stay. With climate-controlled indoor suites, soothing music playing, and lots of natural daylight pouring in the windows, your dog is sure to have a peaceful stay with us!

Your dog will receive individual attention. We closely monitor all our daycare and boarding guests to ensure their safety and well-being. We also keep detailed logs of your pup’s potty habits during his/her stay to make sure they’re happy and healthy!

We’re flexible with check-out times & we offer cost effective options! We only charge by the night for boarding, so if you need to pick up your pup during our evening hours on the departure date, there’s no additional fees for that! And to keep costs as low as possible for you – we don’t require you to add any additional services like other boarding facilities do (but we do suggest adding services just because we love spending extra one-on-one time with the dogs!). We also don’t charge any extra for larger dogs, nor do we add any fees for administering medication to your pup.

No breed restrictions! We don’t discriminate – we love all dogs equally!

We offer our sleepover options 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If you need your companion to stay over for a holiday, please let us know well in advance – spaces fill up quickly!

Sleepover Options

Cage-Free Sleepover*

After a long, fun day of playing with all their friends, your dog will be able to sleep wherever they choose in our cozy home-like overnight area! They can snuggle with their daycare pals, hang out on the comfy couches, relax in one of our plush dog beds, or they can even hop right into bed with our overnight staff member! They'll be able to kick up their paws, watch TV and relax. This option is perfect for our daycare members whose dogs prefer the company of humans at night time.

*To ensure a relaxed, stress-free visit and take advantage of either of these sleepover options, it is important that your dog attends daycare at least 4 times per month to play with their friends. This helps your pup to stay familiar with the routine, with their friends, and so they don't forget how to share the blankets with their sleepover buddies!

Sleepover Options

Private Suite Sleepover

Our non-daycare sleepover guests are treated to a large private suite to stay in, which means no crates or small cages! They have plenty of room for their bed/blankets, food/water bowls, toys, etc. Here, they have the company of the other boarding guests (who are safely separated into their own suites), and each guest is able to see and hear their surroundings so as to not feel alone.

It's true that dogs find comfort in routine, so we feel it's important to maintain a daily schedule so your dog can know what to expect when it comes to meal times, potty times, bedtime, etc. And there is never a need for your pup to relieve himself inside his suite, as we take each sleepover guest outside to potty throughout the morning, afternoon and evening hours.

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